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Spotify premium for iphone

Want to enjoy Premium Spotify on iOS for Free ? then wait not more. Because your solution is finally here. I’ve been researching a lot about how to get Spotify++ iPA which will support iOS 16, since I updated my iPhone but no luck. One day I finally found the answer. A working Spotify++ iPA file, thought I’d share with you guys.

Download it from here and enjoy Free Premium Spotify on iOS 16+ in 2023. This method and app will work and support your iPhone or iPad having iOS 13, iOS 14, iOS 15 and iOS 16 definitely. The installation process is pretty simple and does not require any type of Jailbreak or Cydia. You can check the method and download link below.

Get Premium Spotify free iPhone iPad

Spotify++ is a popular app used to bypass the current restrictions which are only available to premium users. As you may all know, this is a popular music streaming service in which you can find almost any song. But the free official version comes with certain rules and restrictions like cannot skip to the next song, playback and fast forward restriction etc. So I bring you a modded version of Spotify which you can install to have access to all the premium features for free on iOS (15/16).

Spotify++ iPA for iOS Features

Spotify++IPA for iOS 16 has the following features:Spotify++ iPA features

  • Support for the latest version of Apple’s Software i.e iOS15/16.
  • No advertisements.
  • Premium features unlocked (free).
  • Unlimited skipping on any track.
  • Music playback in extreme HD sound quality.
  • Force Shuffle disabled.
  • Import to or from Apple Music and play any song from Shazam.
  • Install without Jailbreak or Cydia.
  • No payment needed.

The praise itself is not enough for the app. Above are some of the advanced features you’ll get with the modded ++iPA file.

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Spotify++ iPA – Free Premium Spotify for iOS DetailsSpotify++ ipa download

Below is a brief app information for Spotify ++IPA. Get an idea for the recommended requirements to sideload it on your iPhone and iPad without Cydia/Jailbreak.

App Info:

Version 8.6.94 (Tested and working upto iOS 16)
Size 52.2 MB
iOS Version iOS 13, iOS 14, iOS 15, iOS 16.x.x
iDevice Model iPhones/iPads Supporting iOS 13/14/15/16
Last Updated 2 February 2023
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Apple’s Appstore Link:

‎Spotify: Musik und Podcasts

‎Spotify: Musik und Podcasts

Download Spotify Plus iPA using the following Link. After download is complete, follow the instructions given below to sideload/ install it on your iPhone/iPad with iOS 16 or iOS 15 without Jailbreak or Cydia.

  • Download MovieBoxPro iPA for iOS 15/16

Previous Versions

Download Spotify++ all previous version and old iPA’s for iOS 14 and below versions from here.

  • Download torrents in the background on iPhone/iPad using iTorrent.

How To Sideload/Install Premium Spotify Free on iPhone/iPad without Jailbreak

Here is a brief and short method on how to sideload the app successfully on iOS 14/15 and iOS 16 devices without Cydia or Jailbreak.


  1. A Mac OS or Windows PC
  2. Working Internet Connection
  3. Apple Account/ID

Sideloadly Method:

  • Download and Install Sideloadly on your Mac or PC.
  • Run the app and Connect your device to your Mac or PC. You’r device will show up in iDevice.
  • Under Apple Account type your apple id email.
  • Drag your IPA file which you downloaded into the sideloadly window. You can also select using the large IPA icon.
  • Click on Start. You will be prompted to enter your Apple ID Password.
  • Enter the password (A verification code may be received on a trusted device.ipa install sideloadly

Note : Your password is encrypted and is only sent to apple, however, I recommend you use a spare or alternate apple id.

  • The IPA will now start installing on your iPhone, iPad or iPod.
  • After installation go to Settings > General > Profiles and Device Management for iOS 14 and below or VPN and Device Management for iOS 15 and up.
  • Select the Apple id and Trust it.
  • Now go to your home-screen and launch the app. Enjoy.

Altstore Method:

Use Sideloadly for a comparative easy installation !

  • Download the iPA file from the above link and place the downloaded file on your iPhone (Files App) using iCloud, Airdrop or any method.
  • Now download and install Altserver on your MAC or Windows PC.
  • Right Click on Altserver and select “Install Altstore”. Sign in with your Apple ID and Password. Altstore will begin installing on your iOS.
  • Open up Altstore and navigate to “My Apps”. Now tap on Plus on the top right corner and open the downloaded Spotify++ iPA file.
  • When prompted, sign in again with your Apple ID.

Done, you can now see the application installed on your iOS Device. For a more detailed guide you can also check this :

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Altstore Faqs

  1. If you see “”Please sign in with app-specific password”, this means you have two factor authentication enabled and you have log into your account. Then create an app specific password to continue.
  2. Altstore can install apps without the need for a Developers Account.
  3. Non developers account used will have the app expire in 7 Days, but Altstore will automatically re-sign it when you connect your Phone to PC.
  4. App will have no iCloud and Push Notifications Support.

Apple requires developer mode to run this app ?

After installing the app successfully, you might get an error that Apple or device requires developer mode to run this Spotify++. To fix this error, simply go to settings–>privacy and security–>scroll down–>turn on the developer mode. Your device will restart and Spotify++ premium free will run without any issues.

Is Spotify Plus available on AppStore?

Yes, the official version of the app is also available on the Apple’s Appstore. A variety of plans are available for premium subscription however you can use free account as well or get premium features by download Spotify++ for free.

Is Spotify++ iPA a real app?

Yes, it is a real app/tweak ported to iOS based on the original application to provide premium features for free to any user.

Is Spotify (Original) for iOS Free? 

Yes there is a free account but also a premium one. You have to get pay in order to access premium features like unlimited skips, fast forward reverse playback and much more. Similarly if you don’t want to pay you can download and install the tweaked ++iPA for free using the above link and method.

Does It require Jailbreak?

No, it can be installed without Cydia using Altstore (for users) and Cydia Impactor (for developers). However if you have jailbreak then still you can get this application. You just need to have Appsync for iOS installed on your phone for signing the Spotify++ App.

Thats about it. If the app is not working you can contact us or write in the comments section. Leave a game review and comment about what problem you faced.

If you want to install Spotify Premium IPA iOS 16 for free on your iPhone, iPad or iPod with unlocked features, read this guide. You can download Spotify++ ipa on iOS without jailbreak from below link. This is Spotify++ iOS 2023 version and it will work on your latest iPhone models. However do keep in mind that these ipa apps may not work for you forever. With time, these get outdated. The installation process is pretty simple. You can find the download link and installation steps down below.

Spotify is the top popular service to stream and download all type of music. But most of the features are paid and you have to buy the subscription to enjoy premium features. Luckily tweaked ipa apps enable you to get ehnaced features for free. With spotify++ iOS 15/16 premium ipa, you can actually enjoy premium features of the app. This is the modded version of spotify app for iOS which you can install on your phone.

spotify++ ipa download

Download Spotify Preimum Free iOS

Spotify++ for iOS – Premium Version Free

To download Spotify++ ipa file no jailbreak, you need to follow the steps given in this article. You will also need an iOS app sideloader like Altstore or Sideloadly to install the app on your phone. The process itself is pretty simple and you may already know how to do it if you’re an igeek.

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Name Spotify++
File .ipa
iOS Version  7, 8, 9, 10, 11-11.3-11.4, 12, 13, 14, 15/15.1/15.2/15.3/15.4/15.5, 16
App Version 8.8.2 (Tested and working upto iOS 16)
Size 58MB
Updated Mar, 2023

This app is not directly available on appstore but you can download it for free. The download link for spotify++ is at the bottom of this page.

Spotify++ Features

Here are the unique features of spotify++ iOS app that makes it worth to use.

  • Premium features are available for free.
  • All kind of advertisements are removed.
  • Music and Videos can be played in full HD mode.
  • Skip unlimited number of tracks.
  • Import music from device storage to the Spotify++ app.
  • Free to download.
  • Works without jailbreak on any iPhone, iPad or iPod.
  • Compatible with latest iOS 15 and iOS 16.

This post is for education and informative purpose. We do no encourage you to download spotify++ iOS ipa app or any modded version of it as it is against the Spotify’s intellectual rights. Thankyou.

Download For iOS:  Spotify++.ipa | Spotify++ v8.6.94 | Spotify++ 8.7.68 | Spotify++ 8.8.2 (Most recent working upto iOS 16 version)

This above spotify++ iOS ipa file is perfectly working for iOS 15.0.1, 15.0.2. 15.1, 15.2, 15.3, 15.4, 15.5, 16 as reported by multiple users. If the download link is not working, inform us in the comments below.

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You can sideload the ipa file using Altstore or Sideloadly.

Spotify Premium Free for Android

More ++iPA Tweaked Apps

How to Donwnload and Install Spotify++ Premium on iOS

  1. First Download the iPA file from above link.
  2. Go to our Altstore or Sideloadly page and follow the instructions there to install the ipa file on your phone.
  3. Note: The popular Cydia Impactor is not working anymore, you would need to use Altstore as an alternative to sideload ipa apps and games on your iOS devices.
  • Download Spotify++ ipa package from below download links.
  • Now Install Cydia Impactor on your PC.
  • Connect your iPhone or iPad to PC.
  • Open cydia impactor. Navigate to Whatspad ipa file.
  • Drag that file and drop on cydia impactor. Now it will ask you to log in.
  • Log in to cydia impactor with your apple id.
  • After that, Spotify++ iOS will install on your phone with in a moment.
  • When done, disconnect the phone.

The app is installed on your phone but it will not work. So, the last step you have to do is to trust the developer profile of the app. Only after that the app will work properly. For this do these steps.

  • Go to Settings>>General>>Device Management or “Profiles and Device Management”.
  • Here you will have trusted and untrusted profiles of apps.
  • Trust the profile of the app you just recently installed.
  • Now launch the app.
  • You are good to go now.

Spotify++ FAQs

Find answere to some most come frequently asked question about Spotify.

Can you get Spotify ++ without jailbreak?

Yes you can download and install Spotify++ without jailbreak on your iPhone or iPad. Read this article to know how to do so.

Is there modded Spotify?

Yes the modded spotify is available for both iOS and Android. Go to the above download section to find the modded spotity versions for both Android and iOS devices.

Бесплатно пользуемся «Spotify Premium» на территории РФ без VPN на iOS

Перед вами один из самых простых и удобных способов отключения надоедливой рекламы в «Spotify» без VPN. Способ актуален только для «IOS».

  1. Переходим по ссылке ;
    └ Версия вашего IOS на телефоне должна быть последней;
  2. Нажимаем “Alpha Build” —> Соглашаемся на установку;
  3. Заходим в настройки – основные – VPN и управление устройством – “AIA BHD” —> доверять;
  4. Переходим в «Scarlet» и устанавливаем «Sposify++» ();

  1. Заходим в настройки телефона и меняем страну на Беларусь;
  2. Включаем любой VPN;
  3. Заходим в «Spotify» и проходим регистрацию;
  4. Выжираем исполнителей и включаем любой плейлист, пропускаем песни, пока они не закончатся;
  5. Выходим из приложения и выключаем его из треч задач;
  6. Заходим снова в приложение и видим «Spotify Premium», выключаем VPN;

Looking for an option to get Spotify premium resources free of cost without annoying ads on your iPhone or MacBook device, and with the ability to download and listen your favorite songs offline. You are at right place download Spotify++ iOS free APK Now.

Developer Spotify AB
Publisher Spotify Ltd.
Price Free
iOS Requiremets v5 – v16
Version 8.7.32
Spotilife 1.8
Rating 4.8
Votes 4598
Original Source App Store
Founders Daniel Ek , Martin Lorentzon

Download Old Versions

How To Download Spotify++ on iPhone or iPad

When it comes to downloading Spotify++, most users have a difficult time. Here is the easiest way to download it in a few minutes. Feel free to ask your question in the comments below if you’re having trouble or encountering an error. Our team of experts will be happy to assist you. 

Some Tips Before You Start Downloading

  • It is recommended to download the updated version. 
  • It is important to make sure that the app is safe and virus-free. 
  • Check that the app has been verified by the owner or another professional before downloading.

Let’s Begin!

  • Step 1: Open this page in your preferred browser, such as Safari, Chrome, etc. Once you have opened this page, click the download button below to begin downloading. There will be a message displayed when the configuration file is downloaded. Click on a message and close the window.
  • Step 2: Go to your mobile settings to find the profile downloaded option after completing the first step. Click the install button after opening this option. Enter your mobile password if it asks for one, and then click on Install. 
  • Step 3: Let’s move on to the most important step. Once the download process has been completed, click return to your homepage and type app valley into the search bar. You will need to open the app Velly, search for Spotify++, and then click on the get button after you find it. Now you’ll see the option to install. Click on it, and you’re done. 
  • Step 4: If you follow the first three steps, you have completed the downloading and installation process. Congratulations. Now go to your device Settings→ General→ Profile, and trust the profile of this 3rd-party APK. Next, close all the windows and start listening to Spotify for free.

What Is Spotify++ iOS MOD?

In terms of music streaming apps and services, Spotify is my go-to recommendation because it offers the largest database of music. The number of Spotify users is continually growing; according to the latest statistics, there are more than 190 million users including 35000 music artists.

The Spotify Plus MOD APK app is a modified version of the official Spotify app. Spotify is packed with features such as good music recommendations, albums, countless songs, podcasts, etc. Other than these, there are so many hidden features that many users are not aware of. I have listed a few of them below.


This Modified Version Contains the Following

  • Free access to all premium content
  • Enjoy your favorite songs and music 
  • Take advantage of free playlists 
  • Create your playlist or share it with friends or family 
  • Play music or songs based on your mood

Spotify++ IPA version allows you to listen to music, podcasts, and different playlists you love. You can access your favorite artists from anywhere in the world using this app.

The most frequently asked question by users is this one. Let me give you a brief explanation. With Spotify, you can not only listen to any song or podcast, but you can also enjoy these features for free. 

  • Discover new and upcoming music, favorite songs, music, and podcast
  • Depending on your nature, it will suggest new songs to you 
  • Easy-to-use interference 
  • It is not necessary to root your device
  • You won’t be interrupted by any display advertisement while listening to your favorite songs. 
  • Useful and safe 
  • A wide range of options 

You can access all its premium features without paying for them. In this version of Spotify, you will be able to skip any song and listen to the music of your choice.

spotify++ ios

Tips, Tricks, & Features

The Spotify platform is available in two versions. The free version of Spotify and the premium version. There are many hidden features in Spotify that you can utilize even without a paid subscription. In this article, I will cover a few of them, so be sure to read to the end. 

Unlimited Shuffles or Everything


Spotify users know that the free version allows to skip only six songs per hour, which is very unappealing. Therefore, this problem has been resolved. Qualified developers enable all its features, and you can freely shuffle and skip with no additional charges. You can also stop shuffling songs if you want to listen only your desired songs.

Download Anything Offline (Music, Songs)


There is no offline mode in Spotify, which is its only drawback. Spotify can only be used when you have an active internet connection. However, the Spotify team is currently working on it, and soon you’ll be able to play music, songs, or podcasts offline. But for now just download Spotify++ and start using its premium features free.

No Advertisement


In addition to being a modded version, it is free and unlocked. Plus, this version doesn’t have any ads. Neither a display ad nor a video ad appears on the site. All visual or audio ads were removed from the latest Spotify application. In summary, there are no advertisements while you listen to music.

Choose Any Song


Using this app, you can listen to or skip any song. Whether you’re listening to a podcast or anything else, there are no restrictions.

Private Session


Keeping your listening private is possible with a private session. That’s amazing. You can do this by clicking the gear icon and going to the settings. After that, click on social and toggle private sessions on.

Share Podcast From Timestamp


You may have heard something interesting while listening to a podcast on Spotify that you’d like to share with someone else. The Spotify Timestamp Sharing can be helpful. The feature is only available in iOS and Android mobile apps. During the podcast, pause it at the point you want to share and click the share icon. Toggle the switch on where it says share from. Choose one of the sharing options below to send the link when it’s turned on. 

Dubdas Spotify Connect


Personally, I find this feature to be the most useful. Playing music and controlling it from any device is made possible with Dubdas Spotify Connect. The mobile device can be used as a remote while listening to music on a laptop or speaker. There is no need to enable any settings for it. The feature is available by default.

High Sound Quality (320kbps)


Throughout this app, you can listen to a variety of different soundtracks. Each track has three options depending on the sound level: Low, Medium, and High. 320kbps quality makes your music experience more delicious and enjoyable.

Access (Play) and Soundtrack


Streaming soundtracks are free and do not require any subscription. Additionally, you have complete access to your player and music. You can start listening to your lovely music as soon as you find it.

Some other Features

  • There are no vulnerabilities in this modified app 
  • Several search options are available 
  • No limitations on downloads 
  • Operate effectively on any operating system  
  • There is no jailbreak involved 
  • High-quality sound 
  • An FWD seek button has been added

How to login into a Spotify account?

If you want to log in with your Spotify account first you have to create an account, then follow these simple steps: 

  • Step 1: Logout from your Facebook account or disable the Facebook app 
  • Step 2: Login using your Facebook account 
  • Step 3: Your account is ready and logged in; after this, log in to your Facebook account and start using both apps.

Comparison b/w Premium and Free Version

Spotify Premium

  • A wide range of listening options
  • Web interface
  • Now playing queue 
  • A summary of your statistics
  • Support

Spotify Free

  • Advertisements everywhere
  • Tracks with low quality (128kbps)
  • Skips are not allowed  
  • Listening schedule is limited
  • Limited number of countries supported

Alternatives of Spotify++

These are the popular alternatives: 

  • YouTube Music 
  • Apple Music 
  • SoundCloud 
  • Yandex

Final Verdict

I have listed all the important information about Spotify++ in this article, which also contains the updated version of Spotify. From my experience, this article covers all the details about Spotify features, downloading process, etc., but if you still have any questions, feel free to comment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Spotify Plus APK harmful to install?

No, this app is secure, and even no malware is connected to it. Moreover, our highly qualified developers test it, and after testing, we update the download link.

Is downloading Spotify++ mod APK illegal? 

No, Spotify++ mod APK is legal and secure. 

What is Spotify++ iPA?

An iPA is an iOS package App Store compressed in zip and can be used to develop and use some sort of application on iPhone, iPad and MacBook.

Spotify++ (Spotilife and Sposify)


Нет рекламы, включен поиск, треки не перемешиваются сами по себе, неограниченное число пропусков треков, улучшенное качество воспроизведения, импорт песен из приложения Музыка, включение или отключить обложек плейлиста, включение режима «Сейчас играет шоу»., импорт локальных плейлистов, очистика кеша Spotify.

По альтернативной ссылке скачивание Spotify + Spotilife + Sposify

Возможности Sposify:

  • Включение или отключения кнопки доступа к подключению.
  • Импортируйте свою музыку.
  • Нет иконки меню на экране блокировки.
  • Значок подтвержденного профиля.
  • Включение или отключение голосового поиска.
  • Включение или отключение раздела «Что нового».
  • Включение старого интерфейса исполнителей и плейлистов.
  • Включение нового интерфейса создания плейлиста.
  • Отключение кнопки добавления песен.
  • Отключение кнопки воспроизведения.
  • Отключение раздела рекомендуемых песен.
  • Отключение действий по свайпам.
  • Скрытие создания плейлистов.
  • Нет перемешивания на большой кнопке воспроизведения.
  • Открытие чистого плейлиста.
  • Показ рекомендаций по альбомам и исполнителям.
  • Настоящее перемешивание.
  • Просмотр исполнителей в автономном режиме.
  • Выровнивание текста по верхнему краю в режиме воспроизведения.
  • Автоматическое скрытие меток длительности в режиме воспроизведения.
  • Режим блэкаут в режиме воспроизведения.
  • Вид для автомобиля в режиме воспроизведения.
  • Отключение текстов песен Genius в режиме воспроизведения.
  • Отключение Storylines в режиме воспроизведения.
  • Отключиение Canvas в режиме воспроизведения.
  • Отключение элементов управления экраном очереди в режиме воспроизведения.
  • Отключение раздел Social Listening.
  • Нажмите и удерживайте любой холст, чтобы сохранить их.
  • Показать или скрыть строку состояния.

Инструкция по установке Spotify++ (Spotilife and Sposify)

Способ актуален только для iOS 12.2 и новее

Шаг 1

Скачайте программу AltStore на свой компьютер и запустите её. Подключите свой iPhone к компьютеру с помощью USB-кабеля.

Шаг 2

Нажмите значок AltStore на панели меню возле часов, выберите Install AltStore, а затем выберите свой iPhone или iPad. Если у вас Mac, то запустите приложение Почта и активируйте плагин AltPlugin.mailbundle. Если у вас Windows, то скачайте последнюю версию iTunes и iCloud с сайта Apple (не из Windows Store). Вам нужно будет ввести данные своего Apple ID в процессе установки.

Шаг 3

Значок AltStore должен появиться на домашнем экране вашего iPhone.

Шаг 4

После установки приложения, перейдите в меню Настройки -> Основные -> Профиль (или “Управление устройством”). Найдите профиль с вашим AppleID и откройте его.

Шаг 5

Нажмите кнопку доверять.

Шаг 6

Убедитесь что iPhone по-прежнему подключён к компьютеру, скачайте IPA-файл Spotify++ (Spotilife and Sposify).

Шаг 7

Когда завершится скачивание, откройте скачанный файл через AltStore на iPhone или iPad. Начнётся процесс установки. Вам может понадобиться снова ввести данные своего Apple ID.

Шаг 8

Теперь вы можете открыть приложение и пользоваться им.


Если возникли вопросы или сложности, ознакомьтесь с подробной видеоинструкцией на примере установки unc0ver через AltStore.


Если для вас это сложно, мы поможем с установкой. Воспользуйтесь PREMIUM.

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