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Are there lines across iPhone screen? This article describes the most useful 7 solutions to fix vertical lines on iPhone screen.

DoubtUser Concern

“No damage was done to my iPhone 13 but it starts showing some vertical lines on the whole screen. Any idea why it happen? Anyone facing the same problem with me?”

Are you seeing vertical lines on iPhone screen and not sure why this happen? You’re not alone.

A large number of iOS users reported that there are pink, blue, green, red, black lines on iPhone screen, espcially old iPhone models.

iphone vertical lines

Well, vertial lines on iPhone screen usually indicates that there is something wrong with the device, either sofware error or hardware problem.

In this article, we’ll explain why vertical lines appear on the iPhone screen and what you can do to fix lines on iPhone screen issue.

What Causes Vertical Lines on iPhone Screen?

As mentioned above, both physical damages and software problems can cause vertical lines on iPhone screen. Below are some possible reasons why you’re seeing lines on your iPhone:

  • Vertical lines on iPhone usually occurs soon after a device falls since the LCD cable gets disconnected from the logic board.
  • Except for bad connection between the flex cables and the logic board, vertail lines can emerge if too much ESD (Electro-Static Discharge) is produced.
  • iPhone screen has vertical lines can also be caused by hardware problems like damaged display screen.
  • Sometimes a software error can also cause the iPhone to show vertical lines on the screen.

What To Do First? Backup Your iPhone

Before going to the solution, it is important to back up your iPhone if there are lines on the screen. This may be your last chance to save the important data like contacts, photos and videos if your iPhone is seriously damaged.

  • You can make the backup using Apple’s official way: iTunes or iCloud. You will need the device’s lightning cable if you choose to backup via iTunes. But if you choose to use iCloud, ensure that you have adequate iCloud storage for all the data on the device.

  • Apart from iTunes and iCloud, you can also rely on third-party tool like FoneGeek Backup & Restore (iOS) to do the backup. This program provides a flexible way to back up all iPhone data or selectively backup WhatsApp, contacts, photos, music, messages, etc. to your computer.

How Do I Fix Vertical Lines on My iPhone?

Once you have a backup, try the following solutions to fix vertical lines on iPhone screen:

Way 1. Restart or Force Restart Your iPhone

The simplest way you can try is to restart your iPhone. Restarting the device can help to fix some minor software glitches that cause lines appear on the screen.

If the lines are still there when your iPhone reboots, then you can a force restart to get rid of the issue. Here’s how to force restart iPhone depending on the model you have:

  • For iPhone 8 and newer models – Quickly press and release the Volume Up button, then the Volume Down button. After that, keep holding the Side button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
  • For iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus – Press and hold the Power button and Volume Down button at the same time until you see the Apple logo on the screen.
  • For iPhone 6 or earlier models – Press and hold the Power button and Home button simultaneously until the Apple logo shows up on the screen.

force restart iphone

Way 2. Fix Vertical Lines on iPhone without Data Loss

One of the best solutions to get rid of the pink/black/blue lines on your iPhone screen, especially if there is no physical damage to the device, is using FoneGeek iOS System Recovery. It is an ideal tool to help fixing all kinds of software related issues on your iOS device. Some of the program’s features include the following:


  • It can repair many kinds of iPhone/iPad issues without data loss.
  • It is 100% safe to use and ensures higher repair success rate.
  • It is very easy to use and can quickly fix most common iOS issues such as iPhone stuck on Apple Logo, recovery mode, black screen, etc..
  • It supports all iOS devices and all versions of the iOS firmware, even the latest iOS 16/15 and iPhone 14/13 Pro.
  • A great many well-known medias think highly of FoneGeek software, such as Mobile Mall, GetDroidTips, Inspirationfeed, Techjury, Pakainfo, etc.

Here’s how to use FoneGeek iOS Repair tool to fix iPhone vertical lines issue:

Step 1: Install FoneGeek iOS Sysem Recovery on your computer and then launch the program. On the main window, select “Standard Mode” to begin the repair process.

choose repair mode

Step 2: Connect your problematic iPhone to the computer using USB cable and click on “Next”. Please unlock the device to allow the program detecting it.

connect ios device

FoneGeek will display the device model and provide the necessary firmware. Click “Download” to download the corresponding firmware.

download firmware

Step 3: After the firmware is downloaded, click on “Fix Now” and FoneGeek will begin repairing the device. Keep the device connected until the process is complete.


Most users have reported that the program works very well to fix the iPhone with vertical lines. But if the above procedure doesn’t work for you, try using the Advanced Mode.

positive user review

Way 3. Hard Reset Your iPhone (Data Loss)

Hard resetting your iPhone is also one of the best ways to repair iPhone in various situations including this one. But this method will cause total data loss and you should only use it if you backed up your important data. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone and tap General.
  2. Tap Reset and then select Erase all Contents and Settings.
  3. You may need to enter your passcode to confirm the action.

erase all content and settings

After the device is erased, set it up again and hopefully the lines should be gone.

Way 4. Restore iPhone via iTunes

Another method of resetting your iPhone to its original factory settings is using iTunes. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open iTunes on your computer and connect the iPhone to the computer.
  2. When the device appears in iTunes, select it and in the summary panel, select “Restore iPhone”.
  3. Click “Restore” again to confirm the action. Your device will be erased and the iTunes will install the latest version of iOS.

restore ios system

Way 5. Put Your iPhone In DFU Mode

If hard resetting doesn’t work, you can try ot get rid of the vertical lines on iPhone screen by putting the device in DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode.
Follow these simple steps:

  1. Connect the iPhone to computer and then open iTunes (Open Finder if you use a Mac running macOS Catalina 10.15 or newer).
  2. Now press the Power button and the Home button (for iPhone 6 and below) or the Power button and Volume Down button (for iPhone 7 or later) for about 8 seconds.
  3. Let go of the Power button but continue holding the Home/Volume Down button until iTunes displays the message “iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode”.
  4. Release the button and the iPhone’s screen should turn black. You can now restore the device in iTunes which should fix the iPhone vertical lines problem.

itunes recovery mode

Way 6. Push Down on Your Screen Firmly

If this issue occurred soon after the device fell, it is possible the LCD cable has disconnected from the logic board. In this case, you can try pushing firmly down on the screen to re-establish the connection.

  1. To do this, place one finger on the screen and the other on the other side of the device and press down firmly, but be careful not to break the device.

  2. Once the pins connecting the LCD cables to the logic board screen are in place, the lines on the screen will disappear and the display should look normal.

press iphone screen firmly

Way 7. Get the Screen Repaired/Replaced

If all the solutions above don’t work and you still see the vertial lines on iPhone, the problem might be the screen itself or other phycial damages to hardware.

In this case, you’d better get the screen reparied or replaced. If the iPhone is still under warranty, you can go to the local Apple Store and get the geniuses to repair the device or change the screen for free. If the iPhone is not under warranty, you will have to pay some fees to repair the damage.


The above solutions can all be useful to help you repair vertical lines on iPhone screen. We recommend selecting a solution that you can trust to work on your device depending on the causes and follow the instructions to repair the device.

Please note that some solutions will erase the device and restore it to its factory settings, so remember to make a backup of your important iPhone data including photos, contacts, videos and more.

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iPhone, the device of the rich, is one of the best thing launched by Apple Inc. and has a class of its own. Though it has a large number of competitors in the mobile market yet everyone wishes to buy an iPhone once in a lifetime. There are many users of the iPhone all over the globe and they are all proud users who love the features offered in the device. But with good things sometimes comes unusual things and they can be either big or small. Of those things one is, the iPhone screen having lines on the screen. When the users face it, the screen is all covered with lines and that makes it difficult to see things on the screen below the lines.

If you too have faced this issue recently and want a solution, then you should continue reading as we have listed multiple methods to fix horizontal and vertical lines from iPhone 5, 6, 7, 8, X Screen.

Well, there are more chances of the issue to be a hardware issue if the phone fell down or was in contact with liquid. But, if that is not the case then there might be a connection issue between the display and the cord or a software issue. So, I will help you remove colored Lines on iPhone screen issue using both software and hardware method one by one.

You can try these methods and see which one works for your iPhone.

Software Solutions to Remove Lines from Screen

There are a few software-based solutions that I think would be best for your situation and might help you. The first one is:

1. Restart the iPhone device

Now, you know this already and many of you might have already tried it before googling the solution for lines on iPhone screen error. But for those who haven’t tried, I would ask you to restart your iPhone and see if it helps.

  • Press and hold the power/side button of your iPhone.
  • If asked, slide to power off then just slide over it.

  • Wait till the device restarts.

Many users might get the problem solved here only because of some technical glitch and won’t see any more lines on iPhone screen. Because restarting would turn all each and every application, services and other programs off, which as a result would restart the functions back again and might solve the issue.

2. Hard Reset your iPhone

If you aren’t able to see on the screen then you might need to perform a hard reset of your iPhone. To do so, you can follow these steps:

  • For iPhone 6s and earlier models just press and hold the Home button and the Power button for a few seconds. Once you see the Apple logo on the screen release the button and wait till it restarts.
  • For the users of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, hold the Volume down button with the power button until you see the Apple logo.

  • And for iPhone 8 and later models, press and release the volume up button and then quickly press the volume down button, continuing by holding the Side button till you see the Apple logo.

This might help you solve the problem if it’s just a technical glitch and you won’t be seeing any lines on your iPhone screen now. But, if the error is still there then you might want to try the next step which would restore the iPhone before the point when it received any software issue.

3. Restore your iPhone

For performing this step you would be needing a computer, preferably a Mac OS based device. So, follow the steps once when you are ready with the pc. Also before performing this step, I would recommend you to back up all your important files and data and then follow the steps:

  • Open iTunes on your pc.
  • Connect the iPhone with pc using a USB cable.

  • Select your iOS device now.

  • In the summary column, click on the Restore option.

  • Press Confirm when prompted for permission.
  • Wait till the device restores.

After the restoration is complete, you can configure your device however you wish and also you might see the lines are no more there on the iPhone screen.

Hardware Solutions

The hardware solutions depend on the cause that made the device to act like that i.e. what caused lines on the iPhone screen? So keeping that in mind, here are a few solutions that you can try to repair your iPhone to remove lines from screen.

1. Screen adjustment

This is a hardware repair that you can perform yourself with ease but you have to be very careful while performing it because you may damage your screen. So, be cautious and follow the steps below:

  • Hold your iPhone with 2 fingers with one finger on the screen and other at the back of iPhone.
  • Now, using your both fingers and pull down the screen just a little.

Now, after you pull the screen a little down and if the screen doesn’t have any more lines then you have connected the display with the cord and the error is solved. This was because sometimes the cord/wire connecting the display get loose and once you do this it gets fixed and the screen’s good back as normal.

2. Get it repaired

Now, if you have tried all the above methods and couldn’t fix the problem yet then you have to visit the nearest Apple repair store and get your device repaired. Because there might be an issue with the motherboard or IC which cannot be solved by you unless you are professional.

Did it help?

The article helps you to solve the issue of Lines on the iPhone by providing both hardware and software solutions. You may try with the software solutions first and then go for hardware ones. So, when you are performing a system restore do backup your data before-hand, so that, once you restore the system you can add all your data back.

I hope that you solve the issue and if you face any issue then you can comment below and we could help you. Also, suggestions are welcomed from your side to help others remove lines from the iPhone screen.

Have you noticed “vertical lines on iPhone 11 screen” or “vertical lines on iPhone after iOS 16 update”? Are you wondering about “how to fix vertical lines on iPhone”?

Well, if your answer is yes then you are not alone… lots of iPhone users have reported this issue from around the globe.

It’s a common thing that whenever any kind of issue occurs on the phone then users get panic soon. But instead, you should look around for the reasons as well as the solutions that will help you to fix vertical lines on iPhone.

The good news is that the iPhone vertical lines can be fixed… no matter whether you are using the iPhone 14/13/12/11 series or other iPhone models like iPhone XR/XS/XS Plus/8/7/6/5 etc.

Here in this blog, I will definitely help you to understand why colored lines on iPhone 6 or any other phone occur and how to fix vertical lines on iPhone.

Practical scenario

vertical lines on iphone screen

this is what happen to my iphone 6 after I bought it for 3 days..white lines appeared on the screen suddenly. any idea why it happen? Is any other user facing the same problem as me?

Source: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/6703948

Video Guide:

Causes For Vertical/Horizontal Lines On iPhone Screen?

Look, there can be several reasons for the iPhone screen multi-colored lines.

Here are some of them:

  • Poor connection- It is one of the common reasons for vertical lines on iPhone 11 screen. It means that when flex cables are not correctly connected then such lines can occur on iPhone
  • Damaged IC is also one of the reasons for colored lines on the iPhone
  • Electro Static Discharge (ESD) is yet another cause for vertical lines on iPhone

What To Do Beforehand?

Before going to the solution, let me tell you something essential for you. You should back up your phone ASAP when “vertical lines on iPhone screen” occur. Because this is important and it can be the last backup when your phone is damaged severely.

Remember that backing up the iPhone will save all your essential data from the phone like contacts, photos, videos, and others.

There are several backup ways you can do that…like backup to iPhone via iTunes or backup iPhone via iCloud or even you can use the best backup software iOS Data Backup & Restore program.

Quick Solutions:

  • Best Solution To Fix Vertical Lines On iPhone With One Click
  • Restart Your iPhone
  • Clean Your Phone Screen
  • Fix Vertical Lines On iPhone Using DFU Restore Mode
  • Reset iPhone To Solve Vertical Lines On iPhone
  • Restore iPhone To iTunes To Fix Vertical Lines On iPhone
  • Cycling The Battery
  • Update Your iOS Software
  • Put iPhone Screen Properly
  • Restart Your iPhone In Safe Mode
  • Do Factory Reset Your iPhone
  • Repair LCD Display
  • Go For Apple Support

Way 1: Best Solution To Fix Vertical Lines On iPhone With One Click

If you want to know how to fix vertical lines on iPhone 11 screen or want to fix iPhone 6 vertical lines unresponsive or whatever issue you have… then the best solution is to use the iOS System Repair tool.

This is one of the most recommended solutions for any iPhone error. Using this tool, each error can be fixed immediately without any difficulty. This is special software made for iPhone users to tackle all sorts of issues or errors on the iPhone/iPad.

It supports the latest iOS 16 version and others like iOS 15/14/13/12/11. The tool works best and all iPhone models such as iPhone 14/13/12/11/X/XR/XS Max/8/7/6 etc.

It has worked effectively to solve iPhone stuck in recovery mode, iPhone stuck in Apple logo, iPhone stuck on black screen, and other issues. This tool is efficient to use and to get better results, you need to Download iOS System Repair.

So think about it…

For quick steps on how to use the software, follow its user guide.

Free Download iOS System Repair Software

Download win Download mac(* Free version only scans and allows to preview recoverable stuff)

Now, apart from the above-mentioned tool, there are other basic methods that work effectively to fix iPhone vertical lines.

So, just walk through them:

Way 2: Restart Your iPhone

First, you should try out a simple way to get rid of the issue. Restarting is one of the easiest and simplest ways to fix vertical lines on iPhone and any other glitches. This will confirm that all programs are closed properly which might be the reason for iPhone lines on-screen vertical white.

So here is how to restart your iPhones:

For iPhone 6s and earlier models– Press and hold the Home + Power button unless the Apple logo appears on the screen

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus– Simply press and hold the Volume Down button and Power button unless you see the Apple logo on the screen

iPhone 8 and newer models– Press and release the Volume Up button, then the Volume Down button, and immediately press and hold the Side button. When you see the Apple logo on display then leave the buttons.

force restart iPhone

Way 3: Clean Your Phone Screen

Most of the time, you can see white vertical lines on iPhone screen just because of some dirt or water drops. It is not noticeable when your phone has a screen protector. It simply means that whenever the dust gets stuck between the screen protector and the screen, you can see vertical lines.

So what you need to do is, simply remove your phone’s screen protector and clean it properly with a cloth. Now check if everything is fine and if the issue is resolved.

Way 4: Fix Vertical Lines On iPhone Using DFU Restore Mode

Device Firmware Update (DFU) restore is known to be one of the best ways to repair iPhones in critical situations.

This method will delete the device and restore it to its factory settings.

So before going through this process, ensure to back up your data from the device. Then follow the below steps:

  • First, connect your iPhone to your PC > open iTunes
  • Then press the Power + Home button or Power + Volume Down button for 8 seconds
  • Now leave the Power button but keep holding the Home/Volume down button unless iTunes displays “iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode
  • At last, leave the buttons and the screen will go black. Now restore the device in iTunes and hopefully, it will now fix the issue.

Way 5: Reset iPhone To Solve Vertical Lines On iPhone

To fix iPhone screen multi-colored lines, you can also reset your iPhone as this is a great way to solve such errors.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • First, go to Settings > click on General
  • Now choose the Reset option
  • After that, click on “Erase All Content and Settings

erase all settings

  • When prompted, enter Apple ID details to log in
  • Whatever information it requires, enter them
  • And now wait for some time unless the phone gets erased

Way 6: Restore iPhone To iTunes To Fix Vertical Lines On iPhone

Even you can restore your iPhone to iTunes to fix vertical lines on iPhone 11 screen or on other phones.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • First, open iTunes on your PC and connect your iPhone to it
  • When your phone appears on iTunes, choose it, and in the summary panel, select “Restore
  • Now tap on “Restore” again to confirm. Doing this, your device will be deleted and the latest version of iOS will be installed by iTunes

restore from iTunes

Way 7: Cycling The Battery

Another solution that can help you is by cycling the iPhone battery. When you see white lines or multicolored lines on iPhone screen, this can help to fix it.

The battery cycle means… you have to charge your phone to 100% and then allow it to drain totally to 0%.

Most of the time, the iPhone vertical lines disappear after your iPhone is charged again to full.

Way 8: Update Your iOS Software

When you are running your device in an older version and have not been updated for a long time, this kind of issue can persist. In fact, a few users have reported the same situation and after updating their devices, the issue was resolved.

Remember, updating the new iOS version is not only updating the version but at the same time, it can fix several bugs or glitches to make the phone work normally.

Here are the steps to update iPhone OS:

  • First, open Settings > go to General > click on Software Update
  • Now, check if there is any update available
  • If yes then click on Download and Install to confirm it


After the process is over, check if the vertical lines on iPhone 14/13/12 screen are resolved or not.

Way 9: Put iPhone Screen Properly

Most of the time, it happens that you see lines on the iPhone screen after it drops. This is because the LCD cable gets disconnected from the logic board.

In such a situation, you should push the screen firmly so the connection re-establishes again.

This is easy to perform by simply putting one finger on the screen and the other on the other side of the device and gently pressing it so that the device doesn’t break.

push iPhone screen

When the pins are properly placed on the LCD, the colored vertical lines will disappear.

Hopefully, everything will become normal and you can access your iPhone normally.

Way 10: Restart Your iPhone In Safe Mode

Using safe mode is yet another possible way to get rid of lines on iPhone screen. This will let you know if the vertical or horizontal lines are due to third-party apps or some other software.

Here is what you should do:

  • Press and hold the Power button
  • When the Power Off option comes on the screen, press and holds it for a few seconds
  • Now, tap on “Reboot to Safe mode” and choose OK to reboot the device

Here, check if the lines have disappeared, then third-party apps were the culprit. So simply uninstall those apps and then check if the issue is resolved or not.

Way 11: Do Factory Reset Your iPhone

When nothing goes your way then I recommend you do a factory reset of your iPhone. This is a beneficial way to fix vertical lines on iPhone screen.

But do remember…This process will delete your entire data from the device. So kindly back up all your user data and other stuff in a safe place.

Follow the below steps to factory reset your iPhone:

  • First, open Settings > System > Backup and reset
  • Click on the Factory Reset option
  • Now, click on Reset Device
  • If asked, then enter your PIN or password and tap on Next
  • After that, click on the Delete All or Erase Everything option

factory reset1

Way 12: Repair LCD Display

If all the above methods do not work for you then it’s better to repair the LCD screen. Maybe the warranty voids when it’s broken but you should seek help from Apple Care.

If the screen replacement requires money then no matter because your phone will be fixed and you should be happy about it.

Way 13: Go For Apple Support

As I have stated above, the issue can be due to physical damage to hardware. Many users see vertical lines after dropping their phones. In such cases, either the motherboard or screen gets damaged.

So you should consult the technicians of Apple as they can help you better to repair the issue and make the device work again.


What causes vertical lines on iPhone?

Well, the vertical lines on iPhone screen can occur due to hardware or software-related. Some kind of software bug has the possibility to get rid of the error. Mostly, restarting can solve the issue easily.

How to fix vertical or horizontal lines on iPhone?

There are few tricks to fix iPhone has vertical lines. they are:

  • Restarting your iPhone
  • Use phone in safe mode
  • Restore iPhone to iTunes
  • Use DFU restore mode
  • Take it to the repair center

Can you fix green line on iPhone?

When you get green lines on iPhone the only solution is to replace the phone. This is a known issue to Apple and many users have returned their devices-according to the report. Therefore, you need to create a backup of all your data and then go to the local Apple Store.


By now, you should have come to know about the best fixes when iPhone 11 has vertical lines. Here, I have tried my level best to provide you with the most helpful solutions that you can trust to fix the issue.

Further, if you have any other solutions or queries then kindly mention them in the below comment section as we always love to hear from you.

One more thing, to fix iPhone vertical lines easily without wasting any time, go for the iOS Repair tool. This is an advanced solution to tackle the problem hassle-free.

You can further reach us through our social sites like Facebook, Twitter

Sophia Louis is a professional blogger and SEO expert. Loves to write blogs & articles related to Android & iOS Phones. She is the founder of Android-iOS-data-recovery and always looks forward to solve issues related to Android & iOS devices

vertical lines iphone screen

If you’ve dropped your iPhone or submerged it in water, there are a few things you can do about it before you go to the repair store. This is an issue that most iPhone or iPad users have experienced, and it can be a heart-dropping moment after you turn your iOS device over and you notice that the screen is showing rainbow-colored vertical lines.

This issue is very common on older iPhone models but it can happen to all iPhone devices. These are just the devices that haven’t got the strongest screen.

Why Are There Horizontal or Verticle Lines on iPhone Screen?

There are different types of lines that could appear on your iPhones screen and knowing why each one of them is appearing is crucial to know how to fix the problem. In most situations, there is no difference between what happened to your iPhone when it has verticle lines on the screen and when it has horizontal lines. The same impact on your iPhone can produce different types of lines and different colors. Mainly when you do see lines on the screen, it’s down to physical damage such as dropping your iPhone. In rare cases the problem is software-based but you need to try all the solutions to try and fix this problem.

You Dropped Your iPhone On A Hard Surface

The biggest reason why there are horizontal or vertical lines on your screen is that you’ve just dropped your iPhone and cracked the screen. If you’ve dropped your iPhone on a hard surface such as concrete or your home floor, it can cause your screen to crack, which can lead to the LCD display showing horizontal lines. This problem can also happen if you drop your device in water because water damage can cause your screen to become loose which results in the lines.

When your device has lines on the screen, it means that your iPhone has been hit so hard that the LCD cable has managed to disconnect from the logic board. The LCD cable needs to have all the pins connected to the logic board in order for your screen to look normal.

When there’s a loose connection between the cable and the logic board, you’re going to see blurry lines on your iPhone. Chances that you’ll have to repair your screen because getting your iOS device back to normal in this case is a rare thing.

Horizontal Lines on iPhone Screen After Water

Another reason why your iPhone could have lines on the screen is if you dropped it in water. Water and your iPhone are not a good mix and it can cause all sorts of problems. This is more likely to be the case if you have an iPhone that isn’t waterproof. New iPhones tend not to have this problem as they’re waterproof so dropping them in water won’t cause any lines to appear on the screen. But if you have an old iPhone that doesn’t have waterproof features, dropping it in water can cause internal problems.

Software Problem

In rare situations, a software problem can cause lines on the screen. Bugs and glitches are known to cause all types of problems on iPhones and usually, they’re temporarily problems within your iPhone’s software that causes random problems with one of them being lines that appear on your screen. If the cause of these lines is down to a software problem, count yourself lucky because they’re easier to fix compared to if the problem was down to the hardware being damaged. There’s no way to know if the problem is down to a software error on your iPhone which is why you need to try the software-related solutions to see if it gets rid of the lines.

Bad Connection Between Flex Cable and Logic Board

Another problem that could cause the lines on your iPhone screen is a bad connection between the flex cable and the logic board underneath your iPhone’s screen. The flex cable is an extremely important and inseparable part of every iPhone, for example. It’s used to connect the motherboard to the LCD display. The best indication that the flex cable has been damaged is a malfunction of the display and usually, this is indicated by lines or accidental outages.

Damaged IC Connector

A damaged IC Connector could also cause the screen to have a problem. To check for this in particular, look at the upper left and right corners. Any signs of damage in those areas indicate the part is defective and needs to be replaced with a new one. So if you’re seeing that the lines are especially prominent in the upper corners, then you can put the cause down to this. That’s in most cases. The integrated circuit under your iPhones screen is crucial to how it performs so if there are lines, the IC connector could be damaged.

Cracked Screen Protector

If your screen protector has cracked, this can cause lines to appear on it. Sometimes the problem isn’t internal with your iPhone and it’s actually surface level. If you can distinguish between a crack in your screen and internal white lines, then you can put the problem down to your screen protector being damaged. One way to simply fix this would be to take the screen protector off. When you take the screen protector off, make sure to check the screen for damages to determine if the lines were coming from the protect or internally on the screen itself.

White Verticle Lines Or Multi Colored Lines

As well as having multi-colored lines on your iPhone screen, these lines can also show up as predominantly pink. The color of the lines showing up on your screen can be very random and it doesn’t mean much. For example, If there’s a pink line on your screen, it doesn’t mean anything as opposed to other colored lines showing up on your screen such as black and green.

As well as horizontal lines showing up on your iPhone screen after dropping it, verticle lines can also show up. Verticle lines can also show up on your screen after damage due to the LCD cable disconnecting from your iPhones logic board. This can cause the screen to show up rainbow-colored lines.

If the lines appear white on your iPhone screen, then chances are this is down to a software problem. A software problem that’s causing white lines on your iPhone screen means that you’re going to have an easier time fixing the problem. Usually, a force restart can fix this problem as this has been reported by many people in forums.

Do The Lines Keep Appearing on Your iPhone?

If the lines keep appearing on your iPhone screen, then this could be an indication or a minor software problem, or a hardware problem that worsening. Since the lines appear then go away, this means that there could be a glitch on your iPhone that’s causing it to appear and since glitches are momentary and something that usually isn’t permanent, they can be removed with a quick solution. However because these lines keep appearing, it could be a sign that whatever component has been damaged within your iPhone hardware has not resolved itself.

iPhone Didn’t Drop But There Are Lines?

Sometimes when you haven’t dropped or damaged your iPhone, lines can still show up on the screen. For example, you may have updated your iPhone’s software, and now there are lines on the screen. When a line does appear out of nowhere, it usually means that your screen was damaged before, but it has only now started to appear.

Sometimes this damage could have amassed over years of using your iPhone, and not just one sudden drop. These lines are common to appear on older iPhones that have been used a lot. If you didn’t drop your iPhone and there are now verticle or horizontal lines, chances are your iPhone is old and worn.

How To Fix Lines On Your iPhone Screen

If your iPhone screen has lines on it and you didn’t damage it, you can try to get rid of the lines by refreshing your iPhone’s software. However, if you’ve dropped your iPhone, or it’s damaged due to water, it’s not possible to get rid of the lines unless you get it repaired. If you don’t get your iPhone repaired after damage, then these lines are going to start there.

Force Restart Your iPhone

If your iPhone has glitched and lines have appeared on the screen, the best thing you can do in this situation is a force restart. A force restart is a very reliable procedure that can fix a lot of software issues that can cause problems such as lines showing up on the screen.

Things like restarting your phone are only going to fix software issues that are going on within your device such as a freezing device. A force restart, however, only deals with hardware issues that going on within your device.

The hardware issue that you’re experiencing is a problem between the logic board and the cables, and the software part is the lines showing up on your device. The force restart is basically going to shut down the device and try and fix any issues that are going on with the hardware so that software can respond and remove the vertical lines.

For iPhone 8 or Later:

Quickly press-release the volume up button, then press-release the volume down button in quick succession. Once done, press-hold the sleep/wake button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

For iPhone 7 & 7 Plus:

Press-hold the sleep/wake button in tandem with the volume down button for at least 7-10 seconds. Do not release them until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

For iPhone 6 Plus & Previous Models:

Press-hold the home and side/top button (as per the model) for 10 seconds. Do not release them until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Once you’ve done this, you need to check if the lines have been removed after your device turns on. If your phone is still showing the pink white and black lines, you can go to the next step.

Clean the Screen

As ridiculous as this may sound, there are many things that could get underneath your screen protect that could make it seem like there are lines on the screen. Dust or water particles within cracks have a way of making it seem like there are lines whether in fact the screen just needs cleaning and until you’ve made the decision to either replace the screen protector or clean underneath it, the problem is going to persist. To clean it, you need to remove the screen protector and wipe underneath it with a fiber cloth until you’ve gotten rid of the verticle lines.

Reset All Settings

The next thing that I’ll recommend you do is to reset all settings. A good way to clear up software issues within your iPhone is to reset all settings. Resetting all of your settings can get rid of problems with your screen. Glitches are resolved by resettings all settings all the time so it’s worth trying if you want to fix the verticle lines on your screen.

To wipe all settings:

  1. From the home screen, tap Settings
  2. Scroll down to, then tap General
  3. Scroll down to, then tap Reset
  4. Tap Reset All Settings
  5. Tap Reset All Settings to confirm
  6. After your iPhone restarts, check if there are still lines on the screen.

DFU Restore Your Device

The next thing you need to do in this situation is to restore your phone from DFU mode. This is the last step an Apple tech will take when there’s a hardware or software issue going on within your device.

The problem you’re experiencing is hardware-based and restoring from DFU mode is the best way to try and get the software to respond to the hardware. DFU stands for device firmware update and the firmware is the software installed onto the hardware device which is your LCD display.

When you put your device in DFU mode and restore it, it’s going to wipe all of the code off the device, update the firmware, and put the code back on. During this process, you’re going to lose all of your data, so you do need to back up your iOS device.

When your device turns on, you’ll be able to see straight away if the lines have gone from the screen.

Cycle Your Battery

A way that has been reported to get rid of the lines is to cycle your battery. The process of cycling your battery involves you charging your battery to 100% and using it till it drains to 0%. This is a software-related fix that’s known to get rid of the lines so it’s worth the try.

Check the Connection

If you’re able to get underneath your iPhone’s screen using tools, then you need to check the display connections on the cables and the logic board. Sometimes dust, dirt, or debris can cause a faulty connection and this can be cleaned with a soft brush and some ethanol or a high concentration of isopropyl alcohol (at least 90%).

ESD events have been known to damage iPhone screens and cause lines to appear. Electrostatic Discharge is the sudden flow of electricity between two objects, most often caused by physical contact. So before you decide to check the connection, ground yourself and your device to discharge any built-up static charge before repairing your phone. This is best done with an anti-static mat.

Push Down on Your Screen Firmly

Your logic board and LCD cable are located about 2 inches below your camera. The next thing you need to do is to push down firmly on your screen in an attempt to get the LCD cables to reconnect to the logic board.

All the pins haven’t managed to connect to the logic board so pushing down firmly is going to allow the pins to connect. There’s a high chance this isn’t going to fix the problem but it’s a step worth taking.

  1. Place one finger on the screen and one finger on the other side
  2. Push down very firmly but not enough to crack the screen

After you’ve done this, you should see the lines come off of the screen and your display should start to look normal again. If this doesn’t work, it looks like you’ll need to get your device repaired.

Factory Reset

A factory reset will be needed if a force restart doesn’t work. A factory reset involves wiping your device clean and restoring it back to its normal settings. For this to work, you’ll need to be willing to lose all of your data in the process, but if it’s backed up, then you’ll get it back. There are two ways to factory reset your iPhone but the easier way is through the settings app.

To revert to factory settings:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Select General.
  3. Go to Reset and choose to Erase All Content and Settings
  4. You will be prompted to backup your data at this point. Tap Back Up Then Erase.
  5. Enter your passcode to confirm the factory reset. Once you have entered the passcode and hit OK, then your iPhone will start erasing.
  6. Once the reset is complete, then check to see if there are still lines on your iPhone screen.

Update Your Software

Apple iPhone is continually being improved and enhanced. The hardware is undoubtedly new on the latest iPhone models, but so are new features on the latest iOS versions as a result. When it comes to glitches or problems, it is always a good idea to upgrade your software to the most recent version available on the market. This has been known to fix the lines on iPhones screen that appears after software malfunctions.


If the issue is software-related and in some cases, if it’s hardware-related, then you can simply just wait. Waiting has to power to fix lots of issues and it has the power to get rid of the lines on your screen. This is especially good if you don’t have the money to repair your screen anytime soon. If you do decide to wait on it, you may one day notice that the lines disappear.

Contact Apple Support

If you have tried all the steps and the lines are on the screen, then it looks like there’s a deeper issue that can’t be resolved with troubleshooting steps. In this case, you’ll need to contact Apple support to get this fixed. Problems with the screen are most likely to happen after having your iPhone for many years. This is in the case that you didn’t physically damage your iPhone in any way for the lines to appear.

If your iPhone has a warranty or is with Apple care, then you should be able to get this problem fixed for free. If not, you’ll need to go to Apple Support and look at ways of getting the lines fixed.

Repair Your LCD Display

The next thing you need to do is to repair your screen. There’s a loose connection between the logic board and the LCD cables and the only way to fix this if the steps above haven’t worked is to get your device repaired.

If you have Apple care plus, you’ll be able to get this repaired for a relatively cheap price. If you have a warrant, it’s now been voided because you broke the device. You can set up a repair with Apple on their website but it’s going to take a few weeks to get the repair done.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix Lines on iPhone Screen?

If you want to fix the lines on your iPhone screen, this will involve the full replacement of the screen and its internal components as that’s what has been damaged. The iPhone X and above models start from $279. The iPhone 11 is weirdly lower and starts from $199.The iPhone 6 all the way to the iPhone 8 model starts from $149. The iPhone 5 all the way to iPhone SE modes starts at $129.

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