Iphone can not update apps

If your iPhone can't update apps, you may not know what to do. This article has 13 ways to solve this rare, but frustrating, problem.

Is the App Store not working? Or is something else going on?

Updated on November 6, 2022

Ever run into a situation in which your iPhone can’t update apps? It’s not very common, so that makes it a pretty confusing situation, especially because updating apps on your iPhone is usually so simple. There are a lot of ways to solve this problem, but the fixes aren’t obvious. If your iPhone won’t update apps and you know your Internet connection is working fine (since you can’t download apps without that!), you’ve come to the right place. This article has 13 ways to get your iPhone updating apps again.

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The tips in this article apply to all recent versions of the iPhone and iOS, including iOS 11, iOS 12, and iOS 13.

  1. Restart your iPhone. A simple step that can solve many iPhone problems is restarting the device. Sometimes your phone just needs to be reset. When it starts fresh, things that didn’t work before suddenly do, including updating apps. To restart your iPhone:

    1. Hold down the sleep/wake (or Side) button. 
    2. When the slider appears at the top of the screen, move it from left to right.
    3. Let the iPhone turn off.
    4. When it’s off, hold down the sleep/wake button again until the Apple logo appears.
    5. Let go of the button and let the phone start up as normal.
  2. Pause and restart the app download. Problems downloading an app are sometimes caused by an interruption in the connection between your phone and the App Store. You can reset that connection by pausing the download and restarting it. This option is a bit hidden, but here’s how to find it:

    1. Find the icon on your homescreen for the app that you’re trying to download.
    2. Tap it and a pause icon will appear on the app.
    3. Wait a moment, then tap the app icon again to resume the download.

    On devices with 3D Touch screens, you’ve got a slightly different option:

    1. Find the icon for the app being updated.
    2. Press hard on it.
    3. In the menu that pops out, tap Pause Download.
    4. Tap the app icon and resume the download.

    How to Manage Apps on the iPhone Home Screen

  3. Update to the latest version of iOS. Another common solution to many problems is to ensure you’re running the latest version of the iOS. This is particularly important when you can’t update apps, since updates to apps may require a newer version of the iOS than you have.

    If you have iTunes to help upgrade your phone, the instructions will be slightly different than if you’re trying to update iOS without iTunes.

  4. Make sure you’re using the right Apple ID. If you can’t update apps, check that you’re using the right Apple ID. When you download an app, it’s tied to the Apple ID you used when you downloaded it. That means that you need to be logged into that original Apple ID to use the app on your iPhone. 

    On your iPhone, check what Apple ID was used to get an app by following these steps:

    1. Tap the App Store app.
    2. Tap Updates.
    3. Tap your picture or icon in the top right corner (skip this step in iOS 10 or earlier).
    4. Tap Purchased.
    5. Check to see if the app is listed here. If it’s not, it was likely downloaded with an Apple ID other than the one you’re currently signed in with.

    If you use iTunes (and are running a version that still shows your apps; iTunes 12.7 removed the App Store and apps), you can confirm what Apple ID was used to get an app by following these steps:

    1. Go to your list of apps.
    2. Right-click the app you’re interested in.
    3. Click Get Info.
    4. Click the File tab.
    5. Look at Purchased by for the Apple ID.

    If you used another Apple ID in the past, try logging into that one to see if it fixes your problem (Settings -> iTunes & App Stores -> Apple ID).

  5. Ensure Restrictions are off. The Restrictions feature of the iOS is located in the Screen Time settings (in iOS 12 and up). It lets people (usually parents or corporate IT administrators) disable certain features of the iPhone including website access and downloading apps. So, if you can’t install an update, the feature may be blocked.

    In earlier versions of the iOS, Restrictions are located in Settings > General > Restrictions.

  6. Sign out and back in to the App Store. Sometimes, all you need to do to fix an iPhone that can’t update apps is to sign into and out of your Apple ID. It’s simple, but that can solve the problem. Here’s what you need to do:

    1. Tap Settings.
    2. Tap iTunes & App Store.
    3. Tap the Apple ID menu (it lists the email address you use for your Apple ID).
    4. In the pop-up menu, tap Sign Out.
    5. Tap the Apple ID menu again and sign in with your Apple ID.
  7. Check available storage. Here’s a simple explanation: Maybe you can’t install the app update because you don’t have enough available storage space on your iPhone. If you’ve got very, very little free storage, the phone may not have the space it needs to perform the update and fit in the new version of the app, especially if it’s a large app.

    If your available storage is very low, try deleting some data you don’t need like apps, photos, podcasts, or videos.

  8. Change the Date and Time setting. Your iPhone’s date and time settings influence whether it can update apps. The reasons for this are complex, but basically, your iPhone performs a number of checks when communicating with Apple’s servers to update apps. One of those checks is for date and time. If your settings are incorrect, it can prevent you from being able to update apps.

    To solve this problem, set your date and time to be automatically set by following these steps:

    1. Tap Settings.
    2. Tap General.
    3. Tap Date & Time.
    4. Move the Set Automatically slider to on/green.
  9. Delete the app and then try to reinstall. If nothing else has worked so far, try deleting and reinstalling the app. Sometimes an app just needs a fresh start. When you do this, you’ll install the latest version of the app. Just keep in mind that the apps that come pre-installed on your iPhone might not work the same way.

  10. Reset all settings. If you still can’t update apps, you may need to try more drastic steps to get things working again. The first option is to try resetting your iPhone’s settings.

    This won’t delete any data from your phone. It just reverts some of your preferences and settings to their original states. You can change them back after your apps are updating again.

  11. Update the app using iTunes. If an app won’t update on your iPhone, try doing it through iTunes (assuming you use iTunes with your phone, that is). Updating this way is pretty simple:

    1. On your computer, launch iTunes.
    2. Select Apps from the drop-down menu at the top left. 
    3. Click Updates just beneath the top window.
    4. Single-click the icon of the app you want to update.
    5. In the section that opens, click the Update button.
    6. When the app has updated, sync your iPhone like normal and install the updated app.

    As mentioned earlier, if you’re running iTunes 12.7 or higher, this won’t be possible since apps and the App Store have been removed from iTunes.

  12. Restore iPhone to factory settings. Lastly, if nothing else has worked, it’s time to try the most drastic step of all: deleting everything from your iPhone and setting it up from scratch.

    Resetting your iPhone to factory settings will remove all apps and media from your phone. Be sure you back up your iPhone before you begin.

    After that’s done, you may also want to restore your iPhone from backup.

  13. Get support from Apple. If you’ve tried all of these steps and still can’t update your apps, it’s time to appeal to higher authority: Apple. Apple provides tech support over the phone and at the Apple Store. You can’t just drop into a store, though. They’re too busy. You’ll need to make an Apple Genius Bar appointment.


  • How do I fix an unresponsive iPhone screen?

    If your iPhone screen is unresponsive, restart the device and see if this solves the problem. If not, ensure your screen is clean and hasn’t suffered any water damage; remove any screen protectors or cases; and try removing any connected peripherals, like Lightning or USB accessories.

  • How do I fix an iPhone that won’t charge?

    If your iPhone won’t charge, try restarting the device and replacing the charging cable. Also, make sure you have your iPhone charger plugged in where it can access sufficient power. As a last resort, use Recovery Mode to try and fix the issue.

  • How do I fix an iPhone that fell in water?

    To dry and fix a wet iPhone, remove the case, shake out any water, wipe it down, and remove the SIM card. Leave it somewhere safe to dry out. (Never turn it on or use a hair dryer.) You may have to take it to an Apple-certified repair center to assess the damage.

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Have you ever been faced with the challenge where your iPhone apps are not updating? It could be a very confusing situation, considering how easy it is to update your apps.

There are many ways to fix this issue, so you have come to the right place if your iPhone apps are not updating automatically. This article will show you what to do if your apps are not working on iPhone after iOS 16 update.

There could be various reasons why your iPhone apps are not updating, which is highlighted in this section. Using any of the methods below should help you fix the problem.

1. Enable App Updates

Your iPhone should be set to automatically update apps. Here are the procedures to enable app updates.

  1. Navigate to Settings and go to App Store.
  2. Enable the toggle button in the App Updates to the ON position.
  3. Enable “Automatic Downloads” under the “Cellular Data” section if you are on an unlimited data plan.

enable app updates

2. Make Sure Restrictions Are Off

If you have placed restrictions on installing apps on your iPhone, it would be unable to update apps. To turn off restrictions, follow these steps.

  1. Go to “Screen Time” under “Settings”.
  2. Then, navigate to “Content & Privacy Restrictions”.
  3. Input your four-digit Screen Time Passcode if prompted.
  4. Go to “iTunes & App Store Purchases”, then navigate to“Installing Apps”. Choose the “Allow” option.
  5. Now you will be able to update apps on your device.

make sure restrictions are off

3. Pause and Restart App Download

There are instances when the issue results from a minor glitch that can be rectified by pausing and restarting the app download from the home screen.

  1. Look for the icon of the app you are attempting to download on the home screen.
  2. Long press the app from the Home screen the following options appear: “Resume Download”, “Pause Download”, or “Cancel Download”.
  3. Choose “Resume Download” if the app download is paused.
  4. To fix the download that is stuck, select “Pause Download”, long-press the app again and click “Resume Download”.

pause and restart app download

Try to see if this method solves the issue; If not, move to the next solution.

4. Restart Your iPhone

Restarting your device is a simple yet powerful step that solves many iPhone problems. Sometimes, your phone needs to reset, and this can fix many issues, including updating apps.

  1. Hold the sleep/wake button on iPhone.
  2. Keep holding until the slider appearing on the top of the screen.
  3. Drag the slider from left to right to turn off iPhone.
  4. While the device is off, hold down the sleep/wake button utill the Apple logo appears.
  5. Release the button and the device will start up as normal.

restart iphone

5. Force Stop and Restart the App Store

Like it is advised when other apps are having issues, minor glitches with the App Store can be fixed by stopping and restarting the application on your iPhone. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Swipe from the bottom of your Home screen to the middle and press till the App Switcher appears.
  2. Locate the App Store app preview by swiping left or right.
  3. Press and hold the App Store app and select the minus (-) button to clear or end the app.
  4. Another alternative is to close the app by swiping up when the minus (-) icon appears on the screen.

force quit app store

6. Check Your App Store Account

Sometimes, the problem may be that the apps are associated with another Apple ID. If an app is not updating, confirm that you are using the Apple you used to download it. Check the Apple ID that was used to get an App with the steps below.

  1. Open App Store and click the “Account” icon on the top right corner of your screen.
  2. Click on the “Purchased” tab under Account.
  3. Check to see if the apps not updating are listed under the Purchased section.
  4. If these apps are not listed, then it means they are associated with another Apple ID. Log into the App Store with your other Apple ID to update the apps.

purchased app store

7. Sign Out of App Store and Sign Back In

Sometimes, the App store might not recognize your Apple ID, and you will need to sign out and sign back in. Follow these steps.

  1. Open your App store and click on the “Account” icon on the screen.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the account screen and select “Sign Out”.
  3. Restart your device and Sign in to the App Store.

app store sign out iphone

8. Check Available Storage

It’s also possible your apps are not updating due to insufficient storage space on your iPhone.

If you do not have enough space on your device, it will be unable to update apps as there’s no space to fit in the new version.

If your storage space is low, try deleting some files you don’t need, like pictures, videos, apps etc.

9. Change the Date and Time

The date and time settings of iPhone can also affect its ability to update apps. The concept is complex, but one of the checks the iPhone runs with Apple’s servers when updating apps is date and time. So, if these settings are wrong, it could prevent apps from being updated. Set your time and date automatically with the steps listed below to solve this problem.

  1. Go to “Settings”.
  2. Tap “General”.
  3. Click “Date and Time”.
  4. Move the “Set Automatically” toggle button to the on position.

iphone data time

10. Delete and Reinstall Apps

If an app is not updating, try deleting and reinstalling its latest version from the App Store. Follow these steps:

  1. Locate the app you want to delete on the Home screen and long press on it, then choose the “Delete App” option.
  2. Open the App Store, search for the app and delete it. Then reinstall it to iPhone.

delete app

11. Checking Your Network Connection

A problem with your network connection could be another reason for your iPhone apps not updating issue. Follow the steps to check your network connection.

Step 1. Go to the settings app. If you get an error like “waiting…” or “installing” when you attempt to update an app, then it could be a network issue.

Step 2. Click Wi-Fi, and the switch should turn green to show that it is on. If the switch is gray, tap it to turn on the Wi-Fi.

Step 3. You could also connect to a wireless network. Tap on your preferred wireless network and enter the passcode to connect.

Step 4. Also, reboot your router, as it may clear issues with your home network. To do this,

  • Disconnect the lightning cable with the router.
  • Connect the cable again after about 30 seconds. The router should be back online after about a minute.

reboot router

Step 5. If the network problem was not solved by rebooting your router, you should connect to another Wi-Fi network.

  • Go to Settings and tap Wi-Fi.
  • Choose a different wireless network and enter the passcode to connect if prompted.

check wifi connection

12. Update the App Using iTunes

If you are having challenges updating an app, try doing it with iTunes.

  1. Open up iTunes on computer.
  2. Click on “Apps” from the drop-down menu at the top left corner of the home interface.
  3. Tap on “Updates” and hit the icon of the app you wish to update.
  4. Tap on “Update” option in the new window to comfirm.
  5. After the app is updated, sync your iPhone data with iTunes and install the updated app.

update apps using itunes

Note: This method is infeasible if the iTunes version on your computer is 12.7 or higher.

Fix iPhone Apps Not Updating without Data Loss

There are times when iPhone apps not updating issue is caused by a system issue, especially after updating your device to iOS 16/15/14. It is recommended to use a third-party tool to fix the glitches in such a case.

FoneGeek iOS System Recovery software can fix iOS system issues without data loss. In addition to solving the issue of iPhone apps not updating, it has other useful features.

  • It is secure and safe to use, so it protects data and privacy.
  • It fixes all iOS errors without data loss.
  • It works well with the latest iOS 16 and all iPhone 14 models.


How To Use FoneGeek to Fix iPhone Apps Not Updating Problem

Step 1. Download and install FoneGeek iOS System Recovery software on your computer. Launch the software and choose “Standard Mode” on the home page.

choose repair mode

Step 2. Connect your mobile device to your computer with a USB cable. If you are running iOS 12 and later, unlock your phone and click “Next”. If your device is not detected, follow the on-screen instructions to put it in Recovery/DFU mode.

connect ios device

Step 3. Your device’s model will be detected. Select your preferred version from the list displayed. Then, click “Download” to download the firmware package.

download firmware package

Step 4. Once the firmware download is complete, click “Fix Now” and it will start fixing your device to return it to its normal state.

fix now


Updating apps add new features and fixes bugs, so it is recommended to do it. However, for some reason, iPhone apps won’t sometimes update, which can be frustrating. This article has provided you the tools to solve this problem.

The issue of Apps Not Updating or being unable to Update Apps on iPhone has been reported by users. You should be able to fix this problem using troubleshooting steps as provided below.

What to Do If Apps Are Not Updating on iPhone

It is a good practice to make sure that you are using the latest version of Apps on your iPhone and iPad.

If Apps are not automatically updating, the problem could be due to a variety of reasons, ranging from Lack of Storage Space, Software glitches to App Updates being blocked via Restrictions Passcode.

You should be able to fix this problem using any of the methods as listed below.

1. Enable Automatic Downloads for App Updates

Make sure iPhone is set to automatically download App updates by going to Settings > App Store > on the next screen, make sure the toggle next to App Updates is set to ON position.

Enable Automatic Downloads For App Updates

Note: Enable Automatic Downloads under “Cellular Data” section, only if you are on Unlimited Data Plan.

2. Disable Restrictions on Installing Apps

iPhone won’t be able to Update Apps, if there is restriction placed on Installation of Apps on your device.

Go to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > iTunes & App Store PurchasesInstalling Apps and select the Allow option.

Allow Installing of Apps On iPhone

After this, see if you are able to Update Apps on your device.

3. Restart iPhone

Sometimes, the problem of Apps not updating on iPhone is due to unexplained technical glitches. This can be often fixed by restarting your device.

Go to Settings > General > scroll down to bottom of the screen and tap on Shut Down. On the next screen, use the slider to Power OFF iPhone.

Power OFF iPhone

After iPhone is completely Powered OFF, Restart your device and see try to Update Apps.

4. Check Date and Time Settings

Incorrect Date and Time settings can have an impact on the process of App Updates. Hence, make sure that your iPhone is set to Automatically Update its Date and Time.

Go to Settings GeneralDate & Time > make sure the toggle next to Set Automatically is set to ON position.

Set Date and Time Automatically on iPhone

Wait for Date and Time to appear on this screen and make sure it is correct.

5. Check Your App Store Account

A common reason for Apps not updating on iPhone is due to Apps being linked to another Apple ID, which may or may not belong to you.

Open the App Store on your iPhone and tap on the Account icon located at top-right corner.

Account Icon in App Store on iPhone

On the Account screen, tap on Purchased tab.

Purchased Option on App Store Account Screen on iPhone

On the Purchased screen, make sure that the Apps that are not updating are listed.

If those Apps are not listed on “Purchased” screen, they are associated with another Apple ID and you need to login to the App Store using your “Other Apple ID” to Update those Apps.

6. Sign Out of App Store and Sign Back In

Sometimes, the problem is due to App Store being unable to recognizing your Apple ID.

Open App Store and tap on the Account icon located at top-right corner.

Account Icon in App Store on iPhone

On the Account screen, scroll down to bottom and tap on Sign Out. After you are signed out, wait for 30 seconds > Restart iPhone and Sign in to the App Store.

6. Check Storage Space on iPhone

Your iPhone needs to have enough storage space to handle App updates. Hence, make sure that enough storage space is available on your device.

Go to SettingsGeneral > iPhone Storage > On the next screen, you will see the amount of Storage Space Used and Available on your device.

Used Storage On iPhone

If you have less than 1 GB available, lack of storage space is likely to be the reason for Apps not updating on your iPhone.

The solution in this case is to create storage space on your iPhone by using steps as provided in this guide: How to Free Up Storage Space on iPhone.

7. Delete and Reinstall Apps

If above methods did not help, delete the App from your iPhone and reinstall its latest version from the App Store.

On the Home Screen, tap and hold on the App that you want to delete and select Delete App option.

Delete App on iPhone

Open App Store, search for the deleted App and Install the App back on your iPhone.

8. Reset All Settings

Sometimes, the problem is due to corrupted settings on your iPhone.

Go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > On the pop-up, select Reset All Settings option.

Reset All Settings Option on iPhone

When prompted, enter your Passcode and tap on Reset All Settings option in the pop-up that appears.

After iPhone restarts, connect to your WiFi Network and try to Update Apps.

  • How to Restore Deleted Apps on iPhone or iPad
  • Can’t Download Apps on iPhone or iPad: How to Fix?

Что делать, если не обновляются приложения на Айфоне

Обновление приложений уже давно стало неотъемлемой процедурой для каждого пользователя. Абсолютно неважно, какой смартфон вы используете, если с обновлением что-то пошло не так, из этого сразу же вытекает целая куча разных проблем — начиная от урезанной функциональности, заканчивая невозможностью открыть нужную вам программу. В отличие от Android, на Айфоне установить обновление можно только из App Store, поэтому обычно все идет как по маслу. Тем не менее периодически в нашем Телеграм-чате появляются жалобы на то, что апдейт просто отказывается устанавливаться. В сегодняшней статье подробно обсудим все нюансы по этому поводу и предложим несколько простых, но эффективных решений исправить неполадки с вашим iPhone.

Что делать, если не обновляются приложения на Айфоне. Если приложения на Айфоне отказываются обновляться, вам сюда. Фото.

Если приложения на Айфоне отказываются обновляться, вам сюда.



  • 1 Айфон не подключается к интернету
  • 2 Не загружается App Store
  • 3 Как зайти в App Store
  • 4 Автоматическое обновление приложений на Айфоне
  • 5 Как принудительно обновить приложение на Айфоне

Айфон не подключается к интернету

Конечно, первым делом следует проверить, подключен ли ваш Айфон к интернету. Как ни странно, но без интернета обновления загружаться не будут:

  • Отключитесь и снова подключитесь к Wi-Fi сети или мобильному интернету. Для этого смахните с правого верхнего края (на iPhone X и новее) или смахните снизу вверх (на iPhone 8 и старше) и нажмите на иконку Wi-Fi или сотовой связи.
  • Смените подключение Wi-Fi на Сотовые данные или смените одну Wi-Fi сеть на другую.
  • Если используете сотовую связь, то разрешите загрузку по сотовой связи.
  • Отключите опцию Помощь Wi-Fi (Настройки, Сотовая связь, Помощь Wi-Fi).
  • Проверьте скорость интернет-соединения через приложение Speedtest.

В крайнем случае попробуйте сбросить Настройки сети на Айфоне или обратитесь к вашему интернет-провайдеру. Если с интернетом все в порядке, то попробуйте просто перезагрузить iPhone. В большинстве случаев проблема решается на раз два.

Не загружается App Store

Еще одна проблема, с которой вы можете столкнуться, если приложения на iPhone не обновляются — когда App Store не загружается. То есть интернет на смартфоне работает, а магазин приложений нет. Вот что нужно сделать в таком случае:

  • Проверить состояние серверов Apple по этой ссылке (индикатор напротив App Store должен гореть зеленым цветом).
  • Проверить дату и время на своем iPhone (Настройки, Основные, Дата и время).
  • Обновить ваш iPhone до последней версии iOS (Настройки, Основные, Обновление ПО).

Не загружается App Store. Проверьте, чтобы значок напротив App Store горел зеленым. Фото.

Проверьте, чтобы значок напротив App Store горел зеленым.

Ситуация крайне редкая, но все же встречается. За последние полгода пару раз сервера Apple сдавали свои позиции. Мы, конечно, сразу же уведомляли об этом своих читателей в нашем Телеграм-канале, обязательно подпишитесь, дабы быть в курсе последних новостей.

Как зайти в App Store

Если вы купили Айфон совсем недавно или он достался от ближайшего родственника, и вы столкнулись с проблемами с установкой обновлений, проверьте, вошли ли вы в аккаунт Apple ID. Отдельно в App Store заходить не нужно, но ваша учетная запись для обновления обязательна.

Чтобы зайти в App Store, вам необходимо:

  • Открыть приложение App Store на своем iPhone.
  • Далее нажать на иконку профиля в верхнем правом углу.
  • Если там изображена синяя иконка с человечком, значит вам необходимо войти в аккаунт Apple ID.

Как зайти в App Store. Чтобы обновления на Айфон загружались, необходимо войти в учетную запись Apple ID. Фото.

Чтобы обновления на Айфон загружались, необходимо войти в учетную запись Apple ID.

Чтобы войти в учетную запись Apple ID, следуйте простой инструкции:

  • Откройте Настройки на вашем смартфоне.
  • В верхней части дисплея нажмите на кнопку Вход на iPhone.
  • Введите идентификатор Apple ID и пароль.
  • Введите шестизначный проверочный код, отправленный на другое ваше устройство или номер телефона, чтобы закончить процедуру авторизации.


Автоматическое обновление приложений на Айфоне

Если с телефоном полный порядок: интернет работает, App Store тоже, но приложения на Айфоне не обновляются, значит вам стоит отключить автоматическое обновление и попробовать провести эту процедуру вручную.

Чтобы отключить автоматическое обновление приложений на Айфоне, вам понадобится:

  • Откройте Настройки на своем iPhone.
  • Далее пролистайте и перейдите в раздел App Store.
  • Затем пролистайте до подраздела Автоматические загрузки.
  • Отключите тумблер напротив пункта Обновление ПО.

Автоматическое обновление приложений на Айфоне. Вот так на Айфоне можно в два тапа отключить автоматическое обновление. Фото.

Вот так на Айфоне можно в два тапа отключить автоматическое обновление.

Далее необходимо найти приложение в App Store и обновить его вручную:

  • Откройте приложение App Store на своем устройстве.
  • Нажмите на иконку вашего профиля в правом верхнем углу.
  • Пролистайте до раздела Доступные обновления.
  • Найдите нужное вам приложение и нажмите кнопку Обновить напротив него.

Автоматическое обновление приложений на Айфоне. Зайдите в App Store и обновите приложения вручную. Фото.

Зайдите в App Store и обновите приложения вручную.

Теперь осталось только дождаться окончания загрузки и начать пользоваться нужным софтом. Сразу же хочу сказать, что удаленные из российского App Store приложения точно также обновляются, как и все остальные. Я, например, обожаю почтовый клиент от Spark и обновлил его буквально пару часов назад.

Понятно, что приложение Сбербанка обновлений получать не будет, ибо его просто удалили из App Store в принципе, но с остальными программами все должно работать как часы.

Как принудительно обновить приложение на Айфоне

Напоследок хотел бы поделиться с вами одним лайфхаком. Знаю, что многие пользователи не очень любят автоматическое обновление на Айфоне и обновляются вручную. При этом часто таких обновлений скапливается очень много и за раз приходиться обновлять больше 30 программ. Пользоваться в это время смартфоном просто невозможно, ибо ни в Телеграм зайти, ни в игрушку поиграть.

В этом случае спасает Приоритизация загрузки. Многие, наверное, не знали, но Айфон можно заставить обновить приложение принудительно. Для этого:

  • Во время загрузки обновлений перейдите на экран «Домой».
  • Далее нажмите и удерживайте иконку приложения, которое надо обновить в первую очередь.
  • В открывшемся меню нажать на кнопку Приоритизировать загрузку.
  • После этого приложение будет обновлено в первую очередь.

Как принудительно обновить приложение на Айфоне. Если приложение нужно срочно обновить, этот способ подходит идеально. Фото.

Если приложение нужно срочно обновить, этот способ подходит идеально.

5 платных приложений для Айфона, которые надо скачать пока не поздно.

Как обычно, при возникновении каких-либо проблем с яблочной техникой, рекомендую обращаться в наш Телеграм-чат. Вместе с командой наших читателей мы обязательно вам поможем.

App StoreПроблемы AppleСмартфоны Apple

Getting apps updated on your iPhone seems to be a very easy work and obviously anybody could do it with their eyes shut. But in some rare situations, the question arises—why won’t my iPhone 13 apps update? And now it’s a rocket science to find some solutions and you need to scratch your head to get your apps updated! If you are dealing with such issue, you’ll be glad that you have visited this page. Below the best and all possible solutions are listed for iPhone apps not updating issue.

  • Part 1: Why Won’t My Apps Update on iPhone 13/12/11
  • Part 2: How to Fix iPhone App Not Updating

Part 1: Why Won’t My Apps Update on iPhone

Though there may be several reasons as to why your iPhone apps are not updating, it is necessary to find the exact reason to get some specific solutions for it. We have listed few of reasons for you below:

  • Not enough space: In most of the cases, updating requires ample amount of space. So if your iPhone has ran out of space, the apps won’t be left with any in order to get updated. Therefore, there are chances that there is not enough space in your iPhone and hence the updating is not taking place or sometimes you may face iPhone apps not fully updating issue too.
  • Poor Internet connection: It is intuitively obvious that for updating anything, not only apps, Internet is the first thing you require. It may happen that your Internet connection is way too slow and hence the iPhone apps are not able to update. Check for your Internet connectivity.
  • App Store Server Issue: May be there is no issue with your iPhone memory space or with your Internet connectivity. May be the issue is with the App Store Server. In this case too, iPhone apps won’t get updated putting you in trouble.
  • Software Glitch: A small software glitch can also do wonders and put you in dilemma. Yes, that’s true. Your updating of apps may hamper due to any software glitch and you need to find and solve it.

Part 2: How to Fix iPhone App Not Updating

Free Up iPhone Storage

Your iPhone apps won’t update? The first thing that should come to your mind is—there’s not enough space in your iPhone! And so you need to make some space so that the apps get updated with no further delay. You check your free space in Setting >> General >>iPhone Storage. Simply free up some space by deleting the unwanted things from your iPhone or just back up your data of iCloud or your PC.

available space

Sign out and Back in App Store

Many a times, if apps not updating correctly, you just need to sign out and again sign in to your App Store. Sounds simple, right? Sometimes, simple steps can solve big problems instantly. To do so, go to Setting >> iTunes & App Store >> Apple ID menu >> Sign Out. To sign in again tap Apple ID menu once again and sign in with the help of your Apple ID.

sign out app store

Turn Off Airplane Mode

It may happen that you have by mistakenly turned on your iPhone’s Airplane mode and it is just unnoticed by you. To off your Airplane mode, go to Settings >> Airplane mode. Here you have to toggle the switch to turn off the mode. To crosscheck if Airplane mode is off, simply check if an airplane icon is seen on your status bar. If no, then you have successfully turned off the Airplane mode.

airplane mode

Turn Off Restrictions

It is necessary that you turn off the Restrictions feature. This is because Restrictions gives the advantage of disabling few features of iPhone to people, that is, corporate IT administrators or parents. And one such feature is to download any app. Therefore, if you are not able to update anything, the Restrictions feature might be on. To turn off Restrictions feature, go to Setting >> General >> Restrictions. Now provide your passcode if asked for. Toggle the switch to turn off the feature.

turn off restrictions

Set Date and Time Automatically

If you are yet dealing with iPhone apps won’t update frozen issue, you now need to check your device’s date and time settings. These settings many a times impact the updating process of apps to some extent. Though the reason behind this are simple to explain; however, fundamentally iPhone does various checks while connecting to Apple server for updating or downloading apps. And one such check is of date and time. In case your date and time settings are not on, go to Setting >> General >> Date & Time. Here, turn Set Automatically feature on.

set automatically date and time

Clear App Store Cache

The ability of App Store to save a record of the app history in your iPhone may give you problems with updating your apps. This history is saved in cache memory. To clear the App Store Cache, go to App Store app. Now click any icon present at the end of the app for 10 times. This will clear the cache and take you to the first tab.

clear cache

Restart App Store

Simply restarting App Store can also does wonders same like restarting your iPhone. Just close your App Store. Now open the App Store again and try updating apps in usual way. If you are lucky enough, your problem may get solved with this solution.

Restart Your iPhone

A simple medicine to all of your iPhone’s illnesses is restarting it. Sometimes, simple and easy solutions do great wonders and you get out of the problem. Simply restart your iPhone to get your apps updated. To restart your iPhone long press the sleep/wake button until you see a slider asking for turning off iPhone. Turn off the device. To turn on the iPhone again, press the sleep/wake button till the Apple logo is displayed on screen. Let go the button and wait till the device starts normally.

restart iPhone

Check Internet Connection

There is a probability that your device is not connected to Internet. To turn On your Wi-Fi, go to Settings >> Wi-Fi. Here simply turn on the Wi-Fi by tapping on the Wi-Fi button. If this also doesn’t helps, try resetting your network settings. TO do so, go to Settings >> General >> Reset >> Reset Network Settings.

reset network settings

Check Apple ID

It is possible that you must have downloaded the app with one Apple ID and trying to update it with some other Apple ID. To answer your why won’t my apps update on my iPhone question, sign out Apple ID. Now again sign back in from your iPhone’s iTunes & App Store.

sign in to itunes store from iphone

Uninstall and Reinstall App

If none of the above solutions have given you success, try uninstalling the app and again reinstall it. Many a times, a fresh restart is all that is needed. To uninstall the app, tap on the app icon till it starts wiggling. Tap on the “X” icon on the top left side of the icon. Now confirm deleting the app. Reinstall the updated version of app from App Store.

reinstall app

Update App from iTunes

If any of the app is not updating on your iPhone, try updating it the other way—from iTunes. On your computer, go to iTunes >> Apps >> Updates. Click on the app icon you wish to update.

update app from itunes

Fix App Not Updating without Data Loss

If none of the solutions work, maybe there is some issue with your iPhone iOS and you need to fix it. In this situation, Tenorshare ReiBoot is the best solution to repair your iPhone iOS. The Fix All iOS Stuck function will remove all the error in your iOS and allow you to update all apps with ease.

windows download btn

mac download btn

windows purchase btn

mac purchase btn

  • First connect your PC wherein you have to download and install Tenorshare ReiBoot. Once the device is connected, click on Fix All iOS Stuck option.

    ios stuck

  • Now download the latest firmware and click on Start Repair. Congratulations! The software will automatically detect the latest firmware package, click “Download” to proceed.

    download firmware

  • Once the firmware is downloaded successfully, click “Start Repair” to repair operating system and fix app stuck issue completely.

    repair iphone system

Restore iPhone to Factory Settings

Finally, if you are still stuck with “why won’t my apps update in the app store” issue, it is high time to perform a factory reset. Deleting all data along with the glitches will surely solve the problem of updating apps. To reset your iPhone, go to Settings >> General >> Reset >> Erase All Content and Settings.

reset iphone


In the above article, we have discussed best 14 ways to fix iPhone apps won’t update issue. Feel free to share your feedback by commenting below.

windows download btn

mac download btn

windows purchase btn

mac purchase btn

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